What is it?

Club59 is an organization for anyone (18 years of age and up) who supports Hickory Cove’s mission to help children and young people follow Jesus Christ.

What does the name mean?

Club59 gets its name from the founding year of Hickory Cove — 1959.

Are there membership fees?

No, there are no membership fees or dues.

What are the perks and benefits?

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  • Voice in the direction and vision of the ministry
  • Exclusive Club59 meetings with the Board of Directors and Executive Director
  • Special dinner banquet for Club59 members
  • Name on Club59 plaque
  • 10% discount on camp (can also be applied to registration fees for referred campers)
  • 10% discount on camp apparel
  • Complimentary Hickory Cove merchandise/apparel
  • Club59 membership card

What are the membership requirements?

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  • Club59 members agree to commit to:
    • Promoting Camp with any summer postcards, camp magnets, brochures, flyers, emails, etc. provided by Hickory Cove
    • Filling out any surveys received from Hickory Cove
  • In addition to the above, Club59 members also agree to commit to at least 3 of the below (can vary annually):
    • Donate at least once per year
    • Send a child to at least one camp per year
    • Attend at least one camp per year
    • Serve at a minimum of one camp or event per year
    • Refer summer staff annually
    • Refer campers annually
    • Actively engage with Hickory Cove’s social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.)
    • Serve on a planning committee at least once per year
    • Help with fundraising activities/events

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