Executive Director Announcement

For nearly 8 years, Chuck Myers has led our ministry and many amazing things have happened. Hundreds of campers have been introduced to Jesus Christ and challenged in their faith, we’ve begun partnering with some amazing ministries, experienced huge growth and had our staff transition from our former long term and very dedicated staff to a wonderful group of young families hungry to serve the Lord.

As we have grown, we have seen an increased need to focus on development and fundraising as well as visiting and developing new contacts in our area. We recognize great potential in these areas for Hickory Cove. Chuck’s desire is to transition to a new position within the ministry to assist in these areas.

He’s making this decision for many reasons, not the least of which are his health challenges that stem from the heart problems he’s experienced over the past 5 years. The demands of leading the ministry and doing support raising have just become more than he is able to do in a healthy manner.

As we look forward, we are looking for a new Executive Director for Hickory Cove.  It is rare that an opportunity to step into leadership of a thriving ministry presents itself. We are looking for a person of vision, passion and integrity to assume this role. While we have experienced much growth, we see even more on the horizon. If you love leading people, growing and further developing ministry, and really want people to discover Jesus, maybe this opportunity is for you!

If you know someone who may be interested, please consider forwarding information about this opportunity to them.

For more info:

To read the official announcements by the Board of Trustees and the Executive Director, click here.

To find out what makes Hickory Cove such a special place to serve, click here.

If you’d like to contact us and speak about the position, email us at application@hickorycove.org, and we’ll contact you ASAP!

To learn more online about the Hickory Cove Executive Director role and find out how to apply for the position, click on the button below.

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