Executive Director Position

Executive Director Job Description:

The Board of Directors of Hickory Cove Bible Camp seeks a new Executive Director to lead the ministry in a way that affects people in a tangible and effective way for Christ.

As a result of the Executive Director’s leadership, the mission, vision and “Ends” of Hickory Cove will be realized.  At our core, we are a discipleship developing ministry that uses Christian camping as a primary means to introduce children and young people to Jesus Christ so that they can become spiritually mature Christ followers.

Duties: The Executive Director must be a godly leader.  His or her responsibilities are to:

  • Be the face and voice of the ministry
  • Develop strategies and lead the operations in an effective manner
  • Develop the full- and part-time staff
  • Set budgets, raise funds and manage spending effectively
  • Develop a culture that is biblical, healthy and represents the heart of the ministry
  • Keep the “Ends” ever present in the hearts and minds of those serving in this ministry.  (Note:  The reference to “Ends” is our term for long term results that will be evident as a result of the Hickory Cove Ministry Team’s effectiveness.)


The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors.  (Currently a group of 6 individuals.)

Personal Qualifications / Experience:

  • Strong, personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Commitment to core Christian doctrine, as identified in Hickory Cove’s doctrinal statement found at http://hickorycove.org/about-us/doctrinal-statement
  • Life maturity that displays adequate wisdom and knowledge to lead well
  • Successful experience in leading people in a way that draws followers, preferably in a ministry setting
  • Significant commitment to and experience with Christian camping
  • Ultimately, love for others is critical.  Love for others is derived from a realization of Christ’s love for us. People are the target and essence of this ministry.  We must love and value them!


Our staff, including the Executive Director, is all missionary supported. For nearly 60 years, we have seen the Lord faithfully provide funds for this and all other Hickory Cove staff positions. The Board of Directors is committed to supporting and helping the candidate develop funding for this position. Other benefits and details are available.

One staff member spoke of the character of the one who would be their next leader…

To be a person changed by the life they are walking with Jesus as their Lord. This position requires someone who has been changed, born again, walking in a healthy relationship with Jesus as their Lord, Savior and Friend. Someone who has had a personal encounter with Jesus and out of that encounter now desires to serve Him and lead others to be changed as well. To be strong enough to lead others through adversity and humble enough to value each person that is following you.”

How to Express Interest: Submit a resume and letter of interest to application@hickorycove.org AND complete the application form by clicking on the button below.

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