Leaders-in-Training (LIT) Program

Join our LIT Program

Hickory Cove’s Leaders-in-Training (LIT) program is a summer program for 15-17 year-olds who have a desire to follow Jesus and help others follow Jesus.

This unique program provides training, development, and discipleship for 15-17 year-olds to help them grow into summer staff member roles, but more importantly to help them grow into lifelong followers of Jesus.

LIT’s will have various hands-on servant-leadership opportunities including shadowing Cabin Leaders to observe, learn, and assist in the discipling of campers ranging from 1st-9th grade.

Note: Given that space is extremely limited for this program, applicants must complete an interview process and be officially accepted into the program to participate.

Hickory Cove’s LIT program has helped me grow as a Christian leader by surrounding me with other genuine and fun loving Christians who lead by example and challenge me in my relationship with God.”

-Kallie P.


    • Ages: 15-17 year-olds (must be at least 15 years old by the LIT’s first summer camp session)
    • Dates:
      • Explore Days – Students who are interested in learning more about our LIT program and exploring how to become a part of it, may join us for any of our “Explore Days”. For more info about our “Explore Days”, email us at info@hickorycove.org
      • LIT Program Training (students accepted into the LIT program are required to attend all of the following training sessions)
        • Training Session #1 – May 13, 9am-6pm
        • Training Session #2 – May 27, 9am-6pm
      • LIT Program Sessions – LIT’s may apply to participate in any* of the following camp sessions as an LIT (*Note: Only female LIT’s are eligible to participate in the Girls Quest session and only male LIT’s are eligible to participate in the Boys Quest session.)
        • Jun 4-9 – Discovery Camp #1 (Co-ed 2nd-9th Grade)
        • Jun 11-16 – Discovery Camp #2 (Co-ed 2nd-9th Grade)
        • Jun 18-23 – Discovery Camp #3 (Co-ed 2nd-9th Grade)
        • Jul 2-5 – Explorers Camp (Co-ed 1st-5th Grade)
        • Jul 9-14 – Girls Quest (2nd-9th Grade Girls)
        • Jul 16-21 – Discovery Camp #4 (Co-ed 2nd-9th Grade)
        • Jul 23-28 – Boys Quest (2nd-9th Grade Boys)
    • Rates (*Note: The LIT program fee is not due until the applicant has been interviewed and accepted into the program):
      • Weeklong Session – $129 (+ $50 application fee)
      • Mini-Session (Explorers Camp) – $39 (+ $50 application fee)
    • Application Deadline: April 15
    • Sibling Discount: If you’re registering two or more children for summer camp and/or the Leaders-in-Training program, you’ll receive a 10% Sibling Discount on the second and subsequent children’s registrations (least expensive applicant). Discount applies to each session for the second and subsequent children.
    • Financial Aid: A limited amount of financial aid is available for Leaders-in-Training registrations for qualifying applicants on a first-come, first-served basis. Deadline to apply for financial aid for Leaders-in-Training is April 1st.
    • Financial Policy: A separate $50 application fee (for summer camp, Leaders-in-Training, and all family camps) is required to reserve a spot for your session(s) and does not apply towards the balance of the registration fee. The balance of the Leaders-in-Training registration fee is due by April 15th. Any cancellation made before April 15th (for Leaders-in-Training program) will receive a full refund on the registration fee (application fees are non-refundable).
    • FAQs
      • HOW MANY CAMP SESSIONS CAN I APPLY FOR AS AN LIT? LIT’s can apply to participate in 1 session or up to as many as 6 sessions.
      • DO I HAVE TO PAY THE $50 APPLICATION FEE FOR EACH SESSION I’M APPLYING FOR? No, you’ll only pay the $50 application fee one time regardless of how many sessions you’re applying for. 
      • IS THIS AN OVERNIGHT PROGRAM? Yes, you will stay overnight each night of the session(s) you are a part of.
      • CAN I STAY AT CAMP AFTER MY SESSION IS OVER? No, LIT’s are required to go home when camp is not in session.
      • HOW DOES THIS PROGRAM HELP ME GROW AS A FOLLOWER OF JESUS? You will be assigned a Cabin Leader (18 yrs+) that you will report directly to, as well as a cabin group of campers that you will help lead with your cabin leader. This provides you invaluable hands-on discipleship opportunities: 1) to be discipled (by a Cabin Leader) and 2) to learn how to disciple others (campers)
      • WHAT WILL THE AGE DIFFERENCE BE BETWEEN AN LIT AND THE CAMPERS HE/SHE IS RESPONSIBLE TO HELP LEAD? LIT’s will be at least 2 years older than the oldest camper in the cabin group they are assigned to.