New Executive Director Announcement

John and Marcia Russell

Hickory Cove Bible Camp Board Announces New Executive Director

In every lasting ministry there are significant transitions in leadership and Hickory Cove is no different. As we announced at the end of 2017, our current Executive Director, Chuck Myers, will be stepping down from his position. His heart health is the primary reason for this decision and we are very thankful to have him continue serving in the ministry. After this transition is complete, Chuck plans to avail himself in support of the ministry, as much as his health and time permit.

We received ten applications from individuals inquiring about the position. After a thorough search and many interviews, conversations and much prayer, we are happy to announce that John Russell has accepted our invitation to assume the role of Executive Director.

John has a great history with our ministry, having served on staff in a leadership position about 15 years ago. John and his wife Marcia will be relocating from their home in Tennessee, as soon as they are able to sell their house and make the transition here.

We don’t have a hard date in place for the transition and we are thankful we don’t need to. Chuck will continue serving as Executive Director until they are able to make the move; however, the transition is already underway. The board and John have had many conversations and he has recently spent a week at camp working with Chuck and meeting with staff to prepare for his arrival.

The plan is to have John arrive sometime around mid-April and his wife Marcia follow once their house sells, hopefully by the end of May. There will be a short overlap period where John will work with Chuck and the staff to learn the nuances of the role and take over completely as soon as he feels ready. We anticipate the transition to be complete by early summer.

Please continue to lift up Hickory Cove, its current staff and John and Marcia in prayer, as the Lord reveals His plans for this transition. All are excited and looking forward to the new era that is upon us.  Please also pray for the camp season ahead, as we anxiously await the opportunity to present the Gospel to all who attend.


The Hickory Cove Bible Camp Board of Trustees

Barbara Taylor
Brian & Vicki Knisely
David Hansen
John Novak
Richard Todd
Ryan Hubler

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