Official Announcement Letters

Board of Trustees: Official Announcement Letter

Dear Friends and Family of Hickory Cove,

For the past seven years, Chuck Myers has served faithfully as the Executive Director at Hickory Cove Bible Camp.  We have valued the energy, passion, and thankful spirit that Chuck has brought to Hickory Cove.

You will find a letter included from Chuck that shares his desire to transition into a different mode of service at camp.  Chuck’s health, as he outlines, and his heart for a specific aspect of the ministry, have prompted his request to step down from this role and move into a new capacity.

The specifics of this new role will be worked out over the coming months.  Our plan is to help Chuck make this transition on or before the April 30, 2018, target date that he has requested.

Please join us in expressing your appreciation to Chuck for his service at Hickory Cove and pray for our Board as we seek the individual who will provide the next season of leadership.  Pray specifically for our Strategic Planning retreat that is scheduled for January that we will have clarity around the Lord’s will for this ministry.  You may find it helpful to know that Chuck will have a significant input in the Strategic Planning exercises.

Updates on the transition will be available on the camp website –  Please keep your eye on the site for further information.

Perhaps you know someone who may be interested in learning more about this open position.  If so, please direct them to Richard Todd (contact information below) or refer them to

We encourage you to communicate with Chuck or any board member with your thoughts about the next season of ministry here.  We value your prayers for Hickory Cove!

On Behalf of the Hickory Cove Board of Trustees,

Richard Todd
Board Chair

Hickory Cove Bible Camp Board of Trustees

  • David Hansen
  • Ryan Hubler
  • Brian & Vicki Knisely
  • John Novak
  • Barb Taylor
  • Richard Todd

For more information, please contact:  Richard Todd –

Executive Director: Official Announcement Letter

Dear Friends and Family of Hickory Cove,

The purpose of this letter is to let you know that I’m stepping down as the Executive Director of Hickory Cove and transitioning to a different role within the ministry. The weight and burden of responsibility that comes with being the Executive Director is becoming too
much for my health to handle. I’m drawn to do ministry here but not necessarily to lead the ministry.

It’s been 12 consecutive summers that we’ve been coming to Hickory Cove to serve including the last seven years as the Executive Director. The changes we’ve seen and the people we’ve met have quite literally been life altering. As I sit here typing this letter, I think of countless kids and young adults that have given their lives to follow Jesus as part of the work being done here. I’m reminded of the many lives that we’ve been blessed to walk with over the past seven years and been so blessed to call them wonderful, close friends.

As many of you know, we’ve moved around a good bit in our lives. While moving is always hard as we leave behind friends and sometimes family, going some place new always excites me. There have always been many new people we’ve met and friendships that we’ve made that will last for eternity. Moving here was no different. I am simply overwhelmed and amazed that we’ve been blessed to lead this ministry and live in this area the past seven years.

The second year we were here, I suffered a heart attack and the damage caused by that continues to affect me. While this ministry has been amazing, it has come with its share of stress both physical and emotional. We’ve seen the incredible growth of the ministry– now serving approximately 3,000 people each year. I would do it all over again; but it has taken its toll, and I need to be careful not to become a casualty of ministry. There have been more families than I can remember that we’ve served over the past 30 years. Now I really need to take a step back and pour into my own. I’m really enjoying my adult children and grandkids, and I would like to be around for a long time to pour into them. I want to leave a legacy that has blessings for generations to come– long after I’m home with the Lord.  I’d really like that legacy to include my children, grandkids, and even their great-grandkids!

If you are a person of vision, passion, and leadership and are looking for a challenge, please consider this opportunity. I can promise you it will change you forever. You will serve with some of the most amazing, Christ-minded staff I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with, and you will get a chance to not only dream big dreams but also work with a ministry that just might see them come to pass!

I am so grateful for the opportunity to have served in this capacity and am even more excited to hand over the keys to someone else who can lead us places I simply cannot any longer.

Don’t be afraid to go where He calls; live as He lived; and love those He loves.


Chuck Myers
Hickory Cove Executive Director

For more info:

To find out what makes Hickory Cove such a special place to serve, click here.

If you’d like to contact us and speak about the position, email us at, and we’ll contact you ASAP!

To learn more online about the Hickory Cove Executive Director role and find out how to apply for the position, click on the button below.

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