Summer Theme

If you’ve been connected to Hickory Cove in any way over the last few years, you’ve probably heard of the various themes we’ve done for our summer camps: Power Up, The Light Side, Everybody’s Somebody, etc.

The list goes on and on.

And these themes have been a huge hit with our campers.

So naturally, we decided not to do a theme this summer.


Because we feel very strongly about simply focusing on the gospel this summer.

For each of our summer camps*, we will use a gospel progression model that focuses on one part of the gospel each day — slowly building on each part — until we’ve painted the entire beautiful picture of the good news of Jesus Christ for our campers.

(*Our discipleship training program camp for high school and college students will cover this gospel progression model over the course of 1-2 days as part of its overall 1.5 week program.)

Additionally, we will have multiple speakers for each camp so our campers will have a unique opportunity to hear from more than one voice each day throughout the week. Realizing that kids don’t connect with every speaker, utilizing multiple voices will naturally increase the chances that campers will connect with at least one of these speakers.

So what does this look like during a typical camp day?

Let’s say we’re talking about The Rescue (ie Jesus coming to save us and set things back to how God intended them to be) for the day. Then it may be one of our full-time staff members who shares a brief devotional on The Rescue in the dining hall after breakfast. This would then be followed by a morning group devotional time for each individual cabin, led by their respective counselor to spend time thinking and meditating about The Rescue. The evening chapel speaker would then cover the same topic, and finally counselors would wrap up the day with evening group devotions discussing… you guessed it — The Rescue.

This “non-theme” theme approach not only allows us to focus on the overarching picture of the gospel year after year, it also gives us much more freedom with our programming and activities as we’re not bound to a specific theme, which gives us more opportunities to make camp even more fun for the kids!

Please pray with us as we continue to ask God to use Hickory Cove to reach kids with the gospel this summer so lives would be changed!

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